Successful Vegetable Soybean Crop

– With high economic efficiency and sustainable production-consumption links, the 2023-2024 winter-spring season saw the vegetable soybean cultivation area in the raw material regions of Phu Tan, Cho Moi, and Thoai Son districts of An Giang Fruit and Vegetable Joint Stock Company (Antesco) reach 402 hectares. This is 2.1 times the area of the 2022-2023 winter-spring season and 4 times that of the 2021-2022 winter-spring season.

Farmers Harvesting Vegetable Soybeans

During the winter-spring season, the vegetable soybean yield reached 4,100 tons, with an average productivity of 13-15 tons per hectare. Farmers earned profits between 70-75 million VND per hectare, creating additional jobs for thousands of local workers. Nguyen Hoang Minh, General Director of Antesco, shared: “To achieve high productivity, the company prioritizes selecting the best seeds. Besides providing technical support, we also subsidize 30% of the seed costs for farmers. We are proud that the quality of vegetable soybeans grown by An Giang farmers is exceptional, comparable to those grown in Taiwan. Our products are exported to demanding markets and major supermarkets worldwide.”

Phu Tan district had over 120 hectares of vegetable soybean cultivation linked with Antesco during the 2023-2024 winter-spring season. With guidance on cultivation techniques and favorable weather, farmers were delighted with the high yield of 13-15 tons per hectare and moderate production costs, providing additional income for hundreds of local workers.

Nguyen Van Lam, a farmer from Phu Xuan commune, Phu Tan district, shared: “I’ve been growing vegetable soybeans with Antesco since 2016. Farmers benefit from good profits and peace of mind as the company ensures stable prices. The staff also closely guide us on cultivation processes, resulting in high yields.”

With over 60 hectares of vegetable soybean cultivation, Phu Xuan commune has been a key raw material area for Antesco for many years. The cooperative group growing vegetable soybeans in Phu Xuan commune is a model of development and exemplary production-consumption linkage.

Nguyen Van Tung, Vice Chairman of Phu Xuan Commune People’s Committee, said: “For the past 6-7 years, vegetable soybeans have thrived in the area. This winter-spring season, all the farmers in the commune agreed to grow 60 hectares of vegetable soybeans.” “Farmers were excited about the high yield and stable income during the Tet crop. In the future, we will continue to expand the model, and the community is very supportive, promising an increase in cultivation area,” Tung affirmed.

Nguyen Minh Canh, head of the cooperative group in Phu Xuan commune, noted: “This year’s vegetable soybean crop developed very well, with outstanding yields and profits. Farmers are delighted. It’s encouraging to see farmers maintaining their integrity, adhering to production processes, and shifting towards using organic fertilizers. The plants are well-nourished early on, ensuring full, shiny seeds.”

Since 2015, vegetable soybeans have become familiar to many farmers in An Giang and neighboring provinces. With hundreds of hectares linked annually, thousands of local idle workers gain employment, contributing to income generation and stable livelihoods. “During the vegetable soybean harvest season, I earn 200,000-300,000 VND a day from picking. With two family members working, we earn a decent income and can save money,” shared Nguyen Thi Tu from My An commune, Cho Moi district.

In the 2023-2024 winter-spring season, Antesco also collaborated with Phu Xuan Cooperative (Phu Tan district) to trial organic fertilizers on 35 hectares of vegetable soybeans, achieving an average yield of 12.7 tons per hectare. Results showed that the model’s yield was 0.6 tons per hectare higher than the control group, using only 551 kg of fertilizer compared to 1,156 kg outside the model.

The model’s costs were 88.5 million VND, 11.1 million VND lower than the control group. Revenue was 165 million VND, 17.8 million VND higher than the control group. The profit was over 76.5 million VND per hectare, nearly 20 million VND higher than the control group. For the 2024 summer-autumn crop, Antesco plans to expand to 180 hectares of vegetable soybeans with organic fertilizers.

Nguyen Van Hien, Director of the An Giang Plant Protection Department, praised Antesco’s leadership in helping the locality transition crop structures, linking and purchasing products for farmers, increasing income, and creating jobs. This effort also boosts the province’s export turnover and social welfare. Particularly, the company focuses on introducing organic fertilizers to fields, improving soil, and enhancing the quality of agricultural products.

Nguyen Van Hien emphasized: “The province will always support Antesco and farmers in maintaining and developing the raw material area, expanding production area, and strengthening sustainable production-consumption links.”

Nguyen Hoang Minh, General Director of Antesco, stated: “The company will attract more large partners, enhance mechanization in harvesting to reduce costs, and increase farmers’ profits by 15%. We aim to expand the vegetable soybean production area to 1,000 hectares across the province by 2025. We hope farmers will adhere to the contract terms for stronger linkage. Currently, our products are exported to Japan and the US, two demanding markets. This is a source of pride for Vietnamese agricultural products.



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