Stable Output And Income Of Soybean Vegetables Attracting Farmer Attention

In recent years, farmers have faced fluctuating market prices for their produce, affecting their income stability. To stabilize their income, Mr. Dương Thành Tâm (Bình Thạnh Trung commune, Lấp Vò, Đồng Tháp) was introduced to soybean vegetables, which have a growth period from planting to harvest of about 65-70 days and are assured of market outlets by ANTESCO Company.

Since receiving the introduction, Mr. Dương Thành Tâm started planting in the winter-spring season on a 3,000m² plot. During cultivation, the plants grew well with minimal pests and diseases. At harvest, he yielded 3,900kg/3,000m², yielding approximately 15,000,000 VND after deducting all expenses.

Mr. Dương Thành Tâm happily shared, “Cultivating soybean vegetables is not difficult. I just need to pay attention to pests and diseases and spray pesticides preventively when signs appear. With technical support and regular field visits from the company, I am confident in cultivating soybean vegetables.”

With soybean vegetable cultivation in the winter-spring season expanding in Bình Thạnh Trung commune, neighboring farmers are increasingly interested in soybean vegetables for their profitability, suggesting more participants in the future.

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