Organic Farming To Build Sustainable Agriculture Foundations

Organic agriculture is a crucial goal set by the government to develop sustainable agriculture in Vietnam. Specifically, by 2030, organic fertilizers should account for over 30% of the market’s supply and be used twice as much in agriculture compared to 2020.

The government’s action plan for Vietnam’s agricultural development underscores the vital role of organic fertilizers in building sustainable agriculture. To contribute to the government’s goal of promoting organic agriculture, during the 2023-2024 winter-spring crop season, the soybean vegetable cooperative in Phú Xuân commune, Phú Tân district implemented a cultivation model using organic fertilizers combined with chemicals on a 35-hectare area. This approach helped soybean vegetables develop strong root systems, healthy stems and leaves, uniform fruiting, and reduced pests and diseases, laying the ground work for a complete transition to organic farming.

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