IT In Ho Chi Minh

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  • - Vị trí: IT
  • - Nơi làm việc: Ho Chi Minh City
  • - Số lượng: 5
  • - Apply: Nộp hồ sơ qua trực tiếp
  • - Hạn nộp: 31/10/2022
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  • Positions

  • Place of Work

  • lexible work hours

    Productivity curve is not something steady and consistent as it depends on each person’s unique traits and preferences. At our company, as long as your team is in sync and your goal is hit, you can flexibly decide when you want to work.

  • Remote work options

    Thanks to technology, we no longer have to be physically present at the office to be productive. Joining our company allows you to work anywhere without place-constraint.

  • Career growth

    Ever feel stuck with your career? We don’t hire you simply because we needed to fill an empty slot. Together, we will help you shape and grow your career so you can progress further and rediscover your true sense of purpose at work.

  • Insurance

    Unexpected things may happen at unexpected times. We cover basic insurance costs for you and your loved ones in case of emergencies or unfortunate events. You can also upgrade your plan any time you want.

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