Farmers Apply Processes In Cultivation To Reduce Costs And Improve Quality

In the cultivation of soybean vegetables, there are many farmers who are cultivating for the first time, as well as those who have experience with multiple crops. Therefore, applying processes to cultivation is essential. Recognizing the importance of this issue, Antesco Company has developed a cultivation process for soybean vegetables that has been successfully applied over several seasons, yielding significant effectiveness for farmers.

The company’s cultivation process has specified stages of crop development, making it easy for farmers to apply in pest and disease prevention. Mr. Lam shared: “Previously, I cultivated soybean vegetables without a process, leading to ineffective pesticide spraying and improper fertilizer application during growth stages, resulting in high costs with poor outcomes. After learning from Antesco’s guidance on applying processes to soybean cultivation, I could proactively manage pests and diseases and apply fertilizer correctly at each growth stage, resulting in healthy crop growth and reduced pests and diseases. This has significantly reduced agricultural material costs.”

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