Crop Rotation Brings Benefits To Farmers

In today’s era of development, the application of technology in production is essential for bringing profit to farmers. Among these applications, crop rotation is being adopted by many farming households.

Crop rotation helps change the root systems of plants in the soil, reducing the pests and diseases from previous crops, which in turn reduces the need for pesticides and helps lower costs.

Previously, farmers in Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province, only cultivated chili peppers year after year, leading to severe pest and disease infestations that caused significant losses. Recognizing the situation, company field staff collaborated with local representatives to advise farmers on rotating crops to break the pest and disease cycles. Currently, some of the farmland has been converted to growing vegetable soybeans.

Now, the farmers in the chili-growing region of Cao Lanh, Dong Thap are excited about their choice to replace chili peppers with vegetable soybeans. The vegetable soybeans are growing well and nearing harvest, promising high profits for the local farmers.

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