An Giang Food and Vegetables Joint Stock Company (ANTESCO) is a Vietnamese manufacturer of agricultural products, processing tropical fruits and vegetables. Including: IQF products and canned goods. We have 3 factories with full international standards in the food processing industry such as: ISO 22000; SEDEX; BRC FOODS; GLOBAL GAP, KOSHER; HALAL; FDA.

Total processing capacity: 45,000 tons/year.

Export market: USA – 48%, Europe – 40%, Asia – 12% ….

Processing technologies: IQF/ Blaching/ steam, Canned, Juice / cube ….

Experience: We have over 45 years of experience in the food industry and one of the first company to export to the world market in Vietnam.


Customer: We always listen to comments and opinions to improved and innovate condinuously for the company development.

Farmer: To be companion of the farmer, creating income and enhancing life standard for the farmer.

Human resource: We considered the staff as valuable assets with spirits of solidarity, honesty, responsibility, mutual respect and contribution to our success.

Quality: We continuously enhance quality to satisfy the customer need. Quality is tip priority in all of activities and in responsibility of all of members in the company with spirit “Quality is credit, exstence and development of our company”.

Commitment: We always commit stable growth and professional style in any activities and proud of each products supplied to the customer.

Rececived a lot of good comments from domestic and oversea customer to credit quality of product and modern management system such as ISO 22000, SEDEX, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL, GLOBAL GAP, etc.Most of our customers are well-know Groups, factory of producing and processing industrial food in large scale in developed countries such as FINDUS, FOODTEAM, ARDO, SUPERIOR, NESTLE, HENRY LAMOTTE, etc. The small group of customers consist of restaurant, supermarket.


ANTESCO is one of Vietnam’s leading companies that spescialize in producing and exporting the frozen IQF and food hygiene safety are satisfiled with international standard; is a close friend of Vietnamese farmers


ANTESCO always gives customer with agricultural which meeting quality and foos hygiene safety satisfied with international legal standard.ANTESCO gives stable income and jobs to the farmer.


1975: An Giang Agricultural Materials Company, predecessor: The An Giang Agricultural Technology Service Company, operating in fields of supplying materials, fertilizer, pesticides, equipment and spare parts of machines used in agriculture.

1986: The An Giang Agricultural Technology Service Company is established basined on merging 03 agricultural companies in An Giang Province ( Agricultural Materials Company, Agricultural Mechanical Sub-Department and Plant Protection Sub-Department) herein after called ANTESCO and contnuously operating in fields of supplying materials, facilities used in agricultural production such as machinery, fertilizer, pesticides.- Under development of society and economy, 02 years after merging, section which is specialized in plant protecion chemical splitted from the company, conrruntly, the company attained License of direct Importing and Exporting materials used in agricultural in suggestion of People’s Committee of Province to Ministry of Trading (Ministry of Industry and Trade in current).

1992: The company attained Establishment Decision no. 530/QDUB dated 02 November 1992 issued by People’s Committee of An Giang Province, in which the company is transferred from stated-owned unit to state company with initial of VND 7,248,217,000.

1994: ANTESCO established the factory of processing agricultural products, vegetables and food for exporting. Since then, the company gives new vegetable variety planted experimentally such as green soybean, okra, baby corn for frozen processing.

1999: ANTESCO expanded its investment continuously to build frozen plants with modern equipment and on processing lines imported from USA and Denmak in capability of 10,000 tons/year. The company built owned-land of raw material field by investing and ensuring consumpltion so that input materials and income are baby corn, green soybean and pineapple.

2008: The company invested in factory process by-product from peel of vegetables for pelleting into foodsuff for cattle with initial capability of 2,400 tons finshed products/year to handle waste from vegetable production and environment issues as well.

2011: In June 2011, pursuant to Decreeno. 109/2007/ND-CP dated June 2007 of the government, The An Giang Agriculture Technology Service Company transferred officially into An Giang Fruit-Vegetables & Foodstuff Joint Stock Company.

2015: ANTESCO invested 7 milion USD to built third frozen plant with the most modern equipment and processcing lines imported from EU with capacity 12,000 tons/year.

2022: ANTESCO invested in automating production lines and expanding My An factory with a total investment of 10 million USD. Increase the total production capacity of finished products: 45,000 tons/year. To become the leading manufacturing unit in Vietnam in terms of production capacity.

2023: Invest in a fully automatic canning and pasteurizing line for Binh Khanh factory specialized in canned products of Vietnamese agricultural products.


With main products such as fronzen IQF and canned tropical fruit-vegetables, ANTESCO always affirmed its position:As a leading company with most modern facilities in field of frozen IQF and canned fruit- vegetables at Mekong Delta and other provinces in the southern part.With over 20 years of experience in exported agricultural products, the company has strong foundation, skillful and experienced staffs. Besides, ANTESCO issued policies to maintain and proved effect of quality management system complying with SO 22000, SEDEX, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL, GLOBAL GAP for high quality product and hold firm to traditional export market.Having facoties and modern facilities directly imported 100% from USA, Denmark, Swenden, The Nertherland, Germany with capability of 20,000 tons/year.Building and forming stable raw material area for supplying materials all year round basing on contract farming seed to harvesting and bringing the product to factory, especially managing pesticide residue.Climate, ground in An Giang is suitable for plants, irrigation an drainage are complete fairly to create conditions for developing and opening the land of raw material field.