Core Value

Customer: We always listen to comments and opinions to improved and innovate condinuously for the company development.

Farmer: To be companion of the farmer, creating income and enhancing life standard for the farmer.

Human resource: We considered the staff as valuable assets with spirits of solidarity, honesty, responsibility, mutual respect and contribution to our success.

Quality: We continuously enhance quality to satisfy the customer need. Quality is tip priority in all of activities and in responsibility of all of members in the company with spirit “Quality is credit, exstence and development of our company”.

Commitment: We always commit stable growth and professional style in any activities and proud of each products supplied to the customer.

Quality Policy

“Quality is credibility, exstence and development of our company.”

Therefore, based on Vietnam’s law and legal regular of the countries which consunme Antesco’s products, we assure that: Food safety & hygiene is as our top imperative standard; Continually improve on technology to enhancing quality of products with optimal reasonable prices; Strengthen awareness, ability of employees; Act with environmental responsibility; Establish sustainable relations with partners from stages of supplying, processing and distributing; Ensure safety working conditions and welfare of employees, at leats comply with regulars of the Vietnam’s law and the requirements of customers of customers that we has committed.