1975: An Giang Agricultural Materials Company, predecessor: The An Giang Agriculture Technology Service Company, operating in fields of supplying materials, fertilizer, pesticides, equipment and spare parts  of machines used in agriculture.


1986: The An Giang Agriculture Technology Service Company is established basined on merging 03 agricultural companies in An Giang Province (Agricultural Materials Company, Agricultural Mechanical Sub-Department and Plant Protection Sub-Department) herein after called ANTESCO and continuously operating in fields of supplying materials, facilities used in agricultural production such as machinery, fertilizer, pesticides.

Under development of society and economy, 02 years after merging, section which is specialized in plant protection chemical splitted from the company, concurrently, the company attained License of direct Importing and Exporting materials used in agriculture in suggestion of People’s Committee of Province to Ministry of Trading (Ministry of Industry and Trade in current).  


1992: The company attained Establishment Decision no. 530/QDUB dated 02 November 1992 issued by People’s Committee of An Giang Province, in which the company is transferred from stated-owned unit to state company with initial capital of VND 7,248,217,000.


1994: ANTESCO established factory of processing agricultural products, vegetables and food for exporting. Since then, the company gives new vegetable variety planted experimentally such as green soybean, okra, baby corn for frozen processing.


1999: ANTESCO expanded its investment continuously to build frozen plants with modern equipment and on processing lines imported from USA and Denmark in capability of 10,000 tons/year. The company built owned-land of raw material field by investing and ensuring consumption so that input materials and income of farmer are ensured. Main products are baby corn, green soybean and pineapple.


2008: The company invested in factory to process by-product from peel of vegetables for pelleting into foodstuff for cattle with initial capability of 2,400 tons finished products/year to handle waste from vegetable production and environment issues as well.


2011- Present: In June 2011, pursuant to Decree no. 109/2007/ND-CP dated 26 June 2007 of the government, The An Giang Agriculture Technology Service Company transferred officially into An Giang Fruit-Vegetables & Foodstuff Joint Stock Company.

Company Introduction